InvocableMethod Invocations via Process Builder

As I’ve previously stated the combination of Process Builder and Apex Actions is incredibly powerful.

This short post adds the answer to a frequently asked question; how many times is the InvocableMethod called when records are modified in bulk?

To answer this with an example. With default batch settings (200 records) and 201 modified records the InvocableMethod is called twice (2 times – 1 invocation per-batch), first call with 200 records then a second call with 1 record. Not 201 individual calls!

If the Process applies entry criteria met by only 10 of the first batch – plus the single record in the second batch – there would again be 2 calls (10, then 1). So the assertion holds true; one invocation per batch.

This bulk behaviour is why the @InvocableMethod input parameter is a list of course; however it isn’t obvious in the related documentation.